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Why Natural Heartworm Prevention is Better for Your Dog's Health 

What may seem like a harmless mosquito, the result can be much more devastating than one may assume.  Heartworm can cause life-threatening problems for dogs making it essential that you give them an ongoing herbal heartworm treatment of some sort.  So what is the best natural heartworm prevention you may wonder? 

A natural heartworm prevention is not possible with pills prescribed or recommended by your vet, because in reality you are not preventing heartworms, but administering the cure of them, and a toxic cure at that.  As mentioned, the cause of heartworms is mosquitoes.  They start when these parasites enter the bloodstream and migrate to the heart.  While entering the heart as larvae, they then turn into full grown adults after several months.

The goal of herbal heartworm treatment is to kill the larvae off before they develop into adults.  As soon as the larvae turn into adults, they fill the heart and block the flow of blood to the lungs.  By giving the dog a pill, as recommended by many veterinarians, the ongoing small dosage can have toxic side-effects.

Mosquitoes are parasites, making it essential to use an anti-parasitic herbal heartworm prevention regime.  Some anti-parasitic herbs will not only fight off mosquitoes, but also the common fleas and ticks.  One herbal heartworm treatment that is very effective on dogs is Geranium, which is oil that repels mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.

There are several other herbs that can act as an herbal heartworm treatment for dogs.  Some that are worth looking into include Clove Flower Buds, Garlic, Black Walnut, and Wormwood.  These herbs are not only great for treatment, but can be used as prevention as well.

Many people do not realize that Garlic can be one of the best natural heartworm preventions out there.  Garlic tends to repel mosquitoes while cleansing the blood and strengthening the immune system of your dog.  If you do choose to use Garlic, make sure to give them the right amount recommended.  It can cause side effects and health risks if you give your dog too much in a short period of time.

Another great natural heartworm prevention that is rather simple is feeding your dog with whole foods.  The best way to prevent heartworm is by strengthening your dog’s immune system.  By providing them with whole foods, you can maintain a strong immune system year-round.

There are many methods out there to help your dog prevent heartworm, but the safest and most efficient prevention is natural heartworm prevention.  It cuts back on the potential side-effects and allows for an ongoing cleansing of the blood and immune system of your dog.  Whether it is through herbal heartworm treatment or simply providing your dog with whole foods, you are best to go natural when preventing or treating heartworm.    


At the Heartworm Treatment and Prevention website you can find articles, treatment methods and other information on how to treat heartworm naturally with herbs.  To find this and much more, check out the Heartworm Treatment and Prevention System - here.



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